New Psychiatric Nurse Graduates

Alberta graduates or graduates from another jurisdiction who have not yet registered as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) in their home jurisdiction (Province) and who would like to apply for registration in Alberta.

If you do not intend to practice in the province of Alberta you are not required to apply for a Temporary Permit.

Application For A Temporary Permit

Application for a Temporary Permit can be made prior to program completion and is valid for 6 months.  It allows new graduates who have completed an approved psychiatric nursing program to practice while they are waiting to write the Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada (RPNC) Examination.  

A Temporary Permit holder can practice only while supervised in a manner satisfactory to the Registrar or Registration Committee. Defined as:

  • Not to be in charge of a unit
  • Not to work alone on a unit
  • May use the title "Psychiatric Nurse" or initial "PN"

Click here to start your online application process.

Application for Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada (RPNC) Examination

Alberta graduates  - prior to completing a psychiatric nursing education program an application to write the RPNC Examination must be submitted.  Upon successfully writing and passing the RPNC Examination you will be transferred automatically to the Active Practice Register.  A new Practice Permit will be available on the RPN member page. Employers can use the online "Find a RPN " to check registration status.

New graduates from another jurisdiction - have to apply to the jurisdiction in which you completed your psychiatric nursing education program to write the RPNC Examination.