Registration Application

Requirements for completing the online application:

1.   Proof of Identification & Eligibility

Submit 2 pieces of CLEAR and VISIBLE identification documents such as:
             - birth certificate; or
             - Drivers License; or
             - Passport; or             - 
             - Valid Indian Status or Metis Citizenship Card
             - Authentic, valid and current government-issued photo identification

If your legal name is different than the name on any of your application verification documents, include a copy of a legal document(s) that verify your name change. (Example: a marriage certificate or a legal name change)

Alternative means of meeting the requirement:

If you do not have the required proof of identity, you still have options. You can provide a statutory declaration confirming your identity.

If  Canada is not your place of birth, you MUST provided evidence of being lawfully permitted to work in Canada such as:

Acceptable photocopies of 
- Canadian Work Permit; or
- Authentic, valid, and current Canadian passport; or
- Permanent Residency Card; or
- Canadian citizenship certificate or card.

Note: All documents written in a language other than English are required to be translated by a professional translator showing their signature and seal and must be submitted with a copy of the original document.

Four ways to submit documents:
1. Uploaded with application (to be able to upload a document it must be saved in an acceptable file format: JPG, PDF, PNG) 
2. Emailed: [email protected] (Please note: Email is not a secure form of delivery for personal documents used for identification such as Drivers License or Birth Certificate)
3. Mailed / drop off:  CRPNA #201, 9711 45 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta  T6E 5V8
Note our office is closed to walk-in visitors without appointments.  To book an appointment contact our office by phone 780 434 7666 or email.
4. Faxed: 780 436 4165

2.  Alberta Graduates Confirmation of Program Completion

MacEwan University will provide Confirmation of Program completion directly to CRPNA.

3.  Verification of Registration


All applicants must submit a  Verification of Registration from other professional regulators where the applicant holds, or previously held, registration and practice rights. (except new Alberta graduates.)  

4.  Employer Reference


Applicants must submit an Employer Reference  form completed by the applicant's current employer(s) where the applicant is currently working or was employed. (except new graduates).

Alternative means of meeting the requirement:

If an applicant cannot supply the required employer reference, you still have options. You can contact our office and speak with the Registrar/Deputy Registrar. 


5.  Police Information Check / Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search


Applicants MUST obtain a criminal record check, including a vulnerable sector check completed by your local police service dated within six (6) months before submitting an application.

Any Police Information Check / Criminal Record Check over 6 months WILL NOT be accepted. 

Submit documentation with application.

Alternative means of meeting the requirement:

If an applicant is not able to obtain a criminal record check with a vulnerable sector check from different countries, they still have options.  They can provide:

  • Proof that they requested a criminal record check from the correct authorities and a letter explaining all the efforts they have taken to get one: or
  • Proof of employment in psychiatric nursing in prior country

6.  English Language Requirements

All applicants applying for registration must be sufficiently proficient in the English language to be able to provide professional services.  The College reviews your evidence to determine if you demonstrate the ability to read, write, listen and speak at a level that permits you to practice psychiatric nursing safely in Alberta.

To identify if English is not your first language you can find the English language requirements - click here  for more information.

7.  Continuing Competence Program

It is MANDATORY for all applicants to participate in the Continuing Competence Program (CCP).  Click here  for program requirements.

Complete the CCP Enhancement Plan along with the appropriate section A, B, C and/or D and answer yes to the attestation statement on the application form.

 submit your CCP documents with this application.  They are to be submitted if you are selected to participate in an audit.

8. Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct

It is MANDATORY for all applicants to complete the Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct. 

Submit certificate of completion with application.

9. Professional Liability Insurance

The Health Professions Act and College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta (CRPNA) Bylaws require that all Registered Psychiatric Nurses(RPNs) hold Professional Liability Insurance (PLI).  Council has determined that all RPNs must hold Professional Liability Insurance in the amount of no less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence.


Professional Liability Insurance has two purposes: Protection of the Public and Protection of the RPN


PLI provides financial compensation for the public in the event of damages caused by a RPN.  Clients need to know they have recourse in the event of harm.  PLI protects the RPN from having to pay personally for any harm that clients may suffer in the provision of care.  If you do not have insurance and you are successfully sued for negligence, you will be personally liable for any damages awarded to the client.


RPNs are responsible for reviewing and knowing what type of coverage is provided by your employer(s) or your personal insurance.  The CRPNA does not endorse any specific insurance vendor.



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** Once CRPNA has received all required documents and fees, the registration process can take up to 10 business days.