Confirm the Registration Status of an RPN

In accordance with the Health Professions Act (HPA) Section 34 (1) the College must provide information pertaining to member name, registration number, status and conditions upon request.

PLEASE NOTE: All attempts are made to ensure that information is accurate and correct but it is not guaranteed

A Practice Permit:

Legally authorizes a member to practice in Alberta and use the title "Registered Psychiatric Nurse" or initials "RPN".

A Practice Permit with conditions:

Please contact the Registrar for details of conditions.

A Temporary Practice Permit has the following restrictions:

May practice only while supervised in a manner satisfactory to the Registrar or Registration Committee
Defined as:

  • Not to be in charge of a unit
  • Not to work alone on a unit
  • May use the title "Psychiatric Nurse" or initials "PN"

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