Beginning in 2023 a registered psychiatric nurse (RPN) wanting to serve as a Council member was no longer elected by their peers.  They were required to apply for appointment to the Council based on specific attributes and competencies — their experience, knowledge, and skill.  RPN Council member applicants had to demonstrate leadership in RPN practice and demonstrate some or all of the core Council competencies set out in the Council Competency Matrix 2022.

The decision to move from elections to appointments was based on two factors.  First, regulated member elections potentially create misunderstanding, because they do not serve those that elected them - they serve the public, as mandated under the legislation.  Second, appointments based on competencies ensure that the Council is comprised of a diverse group of members who possess a wide range of expertise, skills, extensive knowledge, and diverse perspectives.

The CRPNA uses a competency-based selection process for Council recruitment, the competencies and attributes are identified in the CRPNA Competency Matrix.

The Appointment Committee is a committee established by the Council of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta (CRPNA). The purpose of the Appointment Committee is to review applications for regulated member (RPN) Council appointments, interview candidates, and recommend appointments of RPNs to the CRPNA Council.  The Appointment Committee uses the Competencies Matrix adopted by the Council to determine the skills and competencies the Council will require in the following year.

This year the Appointment Committee duly and thoroughly reviewed and screened all submitted candidate applications.  Candidates were interviewed using a 10-point scoring system based on resume presentation, competencies, and attributes as identified in the CRPNA Competency Matrix, professional experience, and reference letters.   At the November 18, 2023 Council meeting the Appointment Committee made their recommendations to Council.



The CRPNA Council appoints Richard Duncan as a regulated member, Registered Psychiatric Nurse, to the Council of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta. 

The term of appointment is for four (4) years, commencing January 01, 2024, and expiring December 31, 2027