Maintaining registration and work in a province or territory other than Alberta

If you wish to practice outside of the Alberta jurisdiction you must meet all of the continuing competence requirements for registration renewal.  Maintaining practicing registration with the CRPNA allows you to report your hours of practice and enables you to meet the requirement of 1400 practice hours in the preceding five (5) year period. Your hours of practice and your participation in the CRPNA Continuing Competence Program are first reported and declared on the application and then annually during registration renewal.

The Health Professions Act of Alberta mandates the College to establish and maintain standards for psychiatric nursing education and standards of psychiatric nursing practice. While the legislation can only be enforced in the Province of Alberta in Canada, any person who is a member of the College commits her/himself to adhere to the Standards of Psychiatric Nursing Practice and to the Code of Ethics as established by the College.

Section 57 of The Health Professions Act of Alberta identifies the employer’s responsibilities under the legislation.  In order to provide the Registrar with assurance that you are adhering to the Standards of Psychiatric Nursing Practice and the Code of Ethics we ask that you have your employer sign a declaration, which states that they have read section 57 of the Act and that they will report any breach of professional psychiatric nursing conduct/practice to the CRPNA.

Section 57 of the Health Professions Act

Employer Declaration Form