Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAPP)

The Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAPP) is a CRPNA Payment option that allows members to pay a future Registration Fee for an Active Practice Permit using automatic withdrawal.

PAPP subscribers will pay in advance for their Registration Fee in 9 monthly withdrawals.


The Pre-authorized Payment Plan is based on the annual registration fee plus a $10.00 annual administration fee paid over 9 months.


The withdrawal of funds occurs on the 15th day in the months of June – February. If the 15th falls on a weekend, the withdrawal will be processed on the business day prior to the 15th day for the total of 9 monthly withdrawals. Fees will be withdrawn from a member’s bank account within five days from when the College processes the information and when the bank debits the member’s account.

New Subscribers to PAPP

Complete a PAPP Subscription Form, (a link to this document can be found below), attach a VOID cheque or complete the bank account information on the form and email or mail it to CRPNA head office. 

Current Subscribers

Once subscribed to PAPP, automatic withdrawals will continue until CRPNA receives written notification to cancel the PAPP subscription.

Updating Bank Information

Subscribers may update their banking information during the year by sending a new void cheque, provide new banking information as supplied by their bank or by complete the PAPP Subscription form.  

Cancelling your subscription

Should you want to be removed or cancel you’re PAPP, a request must be made in writing only to the CRPNA office prior to the next processing date. You can mail a letter or email

[email protected] your request.

Payments Returned NSF


If CRPNA is notified by the bank of an NSF occurrence or an account has been closed there is a $50.00 service charge per transaction. 2 NSF occurrences during the plan period will result in cancellation of participation in the plan.


If notification of an account closed is received, members will have 10 business days to provide CRPNA with new account information or provide direction they wish to be removed from the PAPP. If CRPNA does not receive any information within 10 business days, this will result in cancellation of participation inthe plan. CRPNA will issue a refund for any funds received within the plan period less any NSF & administrative charges upon cancellation.

Once a member is removed from the PAPP the member will not be eligible for the preauthorized payment plan for 2 payment plan years.