• Registration Renewal is available online from March 1st to April 30th every year
  • Renewal must be completed by April 30th
  • Renewal not completed May 31st will result in suspension of the practice permit
  • Practice Permits can be viewed and downloaded at any time by Practicing members within their own personal member page
  • Tax receipts are emailed to members automatically and can be viewed and printed at any time by members within their own personal member page

Below are the tools that will help you through the annual renewal process. Remember to renew your practice permit by April 30th to avoid a $75.00 late fee. But more importantly RPNs who have not registered by May 31st will unfortunately have their practice permits suspended.

Key Points for Renewing:

  •  A user name and password are required to sign in
  •  Members are able to change their status
  •  Review and change (if required) personal and employment information
  •  A current email address is required under the Health Professions Act (HPA)
  •  Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) declaration that PLI requirements met for renewal
  •  Record practice hours for the previous twelve months
  •  Complete a Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Practice Enhancement Plan
  •  Payment Options: Visa Credit, Visa Debit, MasterCard Credit, MasterCard Debit.  Cash is no longer accepted
  •  Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAPP) members must complete the online registration renewal process
  •  A confirmation email will be sent upon completion of the online registration renewal process, should this email not be received contact the CRPNA office
  •  Employers can validate RPN registration status on the website on the menu bar called "Find A RPN"

To Renew Online:

  •  Go to the website on the home page and click on "Sign In to Renew" button
  •  Sign in, then click on the "Renew Now" button
  •  Review, complete and update each page before clicking 'next"
  •  A current valid email address is required
  •  Once the online registration renewal form is complete and payment made, a confirmation email is sent
  •  An electronic tax receipt will be emailed to you within 24 hours
  •  Practicing members can view and print their own Practice Permit from their personal member page within 48 hours, providing there are no issues
  •  Employers can validate RPN registration status on the website on the menu bar called "Find a RPN"

Quick Tip to help calculate practice hours:

Full time - calculate based on number of shifts x number of hours of the shift x 12 months (example:  20 shifts per month x 8 hrs x 12 = 1920 hrs).  
Part time & Casual - calculate based on shift length and number of shifts in your part time position per month x 12 months OR number of casual shifts in a month x 12 months.

Do not include sick/vacation or leaves of any time.  Hours are required to maintain the mandatory clinical competency hour requirement as legislated.