Act as Stewards of the public interest adhering at all times to the highest ethical standards without regard to personal interests.

Review meeting material and be prepared for each meeting, attend and actively participate at all Council meetings.

Review and bring forward issues of major importance to the Profession.

Respect the opinions and rights of other Council members during Council meetings.

A Positive Advocate for the College, speaking with a unified voice once decisions have been made even if a contrary view was held during Council deliberations.

Recruit, orient and mentor new Council Members.


The Governing body of a College is the Council.

A Council manages and conducts the activities of the college, exercises the rights, powers and privileges and carries out the duties of the college in the name of and on behalf of the college and carries out the powers and duties of the council under the HPA and Bylaws.

A Council may make Regulations, Bylaws, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for the Profession.


Must carry out its activities and govern its regulated members in a manner that protects and serves the public interest.

Must provide direction to and regulate the practice of the regulated profession by its regulated members.

Must establish, maintain and enforce standards for registration and of continuing competence and standards of practice of the regulated profession.

Must establish, maintain and enforce a code of ethics.

Carry on the activities of the college and perform other duties and functions by the exercise of the powers conferred by the HPA.

May approve programs of study and education courses for the purposes of registration requirements