Frequently Asked Questions

I am an RPN employed by Alberta Health Services (AHS), what do I need to do for primary Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) now?

A:  As an employee of AHS you are covered for PLI under their insurance policy, you will not be required to ask for a copy of this as CRPNA will be verifying your coverage directly with AHS.  You are not required to do anything nor do you need any additional coverage.

Q: What if I work for an employer other than AHS like Covenant Health?

A: CRPNA is working with all other employers in Alberta to verify PLI coverage for their employed RPNs.  You will not be required to do anything nor do you require any additional insurance.

Q:What if I work with a private employer?

A: If CRPNA cannot verify with an employer that the RPNs in their employ are covered under their PLI, CRPNA will be contacting individual members to work with them specifically.

Q: I am a non practicing RPN do I require PLI?

A: No, as a non practicing RPN you are not providing services, and do not require any PLI.  If you return to a practicing status, and are working with any employer in Alberta, you would be covered under their PLI.

Q: I am in independent practice, what does this mean to me?

A:  As an RPN in independent practice, there is no change.  All individual RPNs in independent practice have to have PLI coverage and submit verification to CRPNA annually.

Q: I am an RPN who works for AHS or Covenant but would like to have additional coverage over and above my employer’s primary insurance, where do I purchase additional coverage?

A: Any RPN can purchase additional insurance through any insurance agency. You may also obtain professional liability protection through the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) as an individual beneficiary at a cost of $115 for 2020.

Q: If I were to purchase primary Professional Liability Insurance what would the average coverage be?

A: CRPNA requires any PLI to be at least $2 million in coverage.

Q: Will this change my registration fees?

A: No, there will be no change in registration fees.

Q: I received the eblast from CRPNA about the cancellation of the secondary PLI coverage that was attached to my practice permit as of November 1st, 2019.  How was this decided?

A:  CRPNA council has been reviewing over the last year and half PLI secondary coverage that the CRPNA has been purchasing for its members.  This secondary aggregate insurance was due annually in November.  The research done by CRPNA indicated that this secondary aggregate insurance was redundant as the primary PLI for employed RPNs was under their employer coverage.  CRPNA was notified in September that the premium for the next years coverage had risen by over 700%.  At the September Council meeting, council made the decision that a 700% increase did not merit the coverage provided and voted not to continue with the secondary aggregate insurance.