Fee Schedule

All fees are non refundable and subject to change


Application Fees  Current Fees
Administrative Processing   $100.00
Registration Permit - Practicing or Provisional

              May 1 - October 31 

              November 1 - Apr 30 (pro-rated)

NNAS Report Review $300.00
NCAS Report Review  $300.00 
Reassessment of Education Credentials $150.00
Administration Fee to Reopen File  $100.00
Examination Application Fee  $25.00
Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada Examination (RPNC Exam)
(fee paid to Meazure Learning)
$695.00 + tax
Annual Renewal of Membership Fee  
Practicing - Active member with the RPN designation authorized to practice $575.00 
Non-Practicing - Member who has left the practice temporarily expecting to return   $75.00 
Retired - Member who is retiring from the profession  $25.00
Late Fee applied May 1  $150.00
Suspension Fee  $300.00
Document Charges   
Certified True Copy of Transcript (Alberta Hospital Edmonton or Alberta Hospital Ponoka)  $50.00
Verification of License or Confirmation of Registration   $50.00
Verification of Self-Reported Hours  $50.00 
Letter of Confirmation of Service  $50.00
Duplicate Tax Receipts prior to 2017     $15.00  

For documents to be requested or completed, a document request form must be completed and submitted to the CRPNA.